“8.25 seconds to boredom” 50.83409° N, 0.77957° W

“Bapsybanoo” 51.06558° N, 1.31587° W

Chapter 8 “I’m Gonna Wake Up Drunk” 51.18573° N, 0.61268° W 

“Chained To A Daisy” 50.95346° N, 1.21344° W (Destroyed)

“Boys With Kite” 51.04955° N, 1.31092° W

“Public Intoxication” (51.00499° N, 0.93830° W)

“We’ll Just Start Again”  (51.04621° N, 1.31054° W)

“The iHope Generation” (50.96784°N, 1.37989°W) 

“Beauty’s In The Eye Of The Holder” (50.83634°N, 0.77590°W) 

“Power, Drunk” (51.20979°N, 1.47981°W) 

“Take Your Pet To School Day” (51.06498°N, 1.32176°W) 

“We’re Not That Different” (51.06487°N, 1.31568°W) 

“Washed Up” (51.27213°N, 1.05314°W) 

“Trapped Between Borders” (51.12286°N, 1.31564°E) 

“Lost Girl” (51.33756°N, 0.74463°W) 

“The Long Night” (51.05709°N, 1.31971°W) 

“We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” (51.06011°N, 1.30678°W) 

“Lost Bear Vol.1” (51.23508°N, 0.57369°W) 

“Girl With Sunflower” (51.06206°N, 1.31354°W) 

“Christmas Kev” (51.06257°N, 1.30986°W) (no longer there)

“Don’t Hate The Game Changer” (50.71531°N, 1.75879°W) 

“Smile” (51.06879°N, 1.79476°W) 

“Splash” (51.06193°N, 1.30761°W) (No longer there)

“Crayola Boy” (51.06664°N, 1.29941°W) 

“Ball Boy” (50.98719°N, 1.50512°W) 

“Coca Cola Turtle” (50.86554°N, 1.34378°W) 

“Lego Boy” (51.06261°N, 1.31593°W) 

“Boy With Anchor” (50.8712°N, 1.21089°W” 

“NHS Artwork” (51.06129°N, 1.32964°W) 

“Pantry Boy” (51.06649°N, 1.29886°W)